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Just as volunteering plays a critical role in changing the narrative for the future, so does fundraising. There are two ways that you can donate. First, we ask that you purchase one or more of our yard signs to show your support and initiate the necessary conversations to bring about change. A portion of the proceeds goes to local organizations that work for the betterment of Black people on all fronts. Secondly, you can directly donate through our donation page.  

We are off to a great start. So far, we have donated $1,461.47 of proceeds and donations received to a local bail fund that assists those who are incarcerated for unfair lengths of time simply because they do not have the funds to make bail. The Bukit Bail Fund “prioritizes inmates who are at the highest risk of experiencing violence in jail: Melanated folks (including, but not limited to, Black, Latinx, and Native people)…”. 

In light of the significant impact the upcoming election will have on our cause, we have chosen the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP), to receive our donations. Among other initiatives, B-PEP is primarily concerned with ensuring that the Black community in Pittsburgh votes in every election.  

Help Put an End to Racism and Systematic Oppression!

Join us in the fight to End Racism!

Over the last 30 years statics have been clear, there is an obvious divide between people within the 10-50 percentile of wage earners, and those who fall within the 50-90 percentile. CEO's for example make 185 times more than the factory worker today compared to only 24 time more in 1965. To further complicate the problem the disparity of blacks that fell below the 31,000 a year income or less, calculates at or around the 50-percentile while their white non-Hispanic counterparts came in near the 34 percentile. In other words, 50% of Black-Americans are making $31,000.00 a year or less compared to only 34% of non-Hispanic white.

Not surprisingly, These, trends repeat themselves at alarming rates in every major sphere of development and care, such as; education, healthcare, home ownership, retirement income, insurance etc. Lack of sufficient resources plays a significant role in the ability for individuals and families to effectively compete for and attain the types of jobs that would allow them to move beyond the 50-percentile ceiling–not to mention the rising costs of secondary education.

The residual effects of systematic oppression as a result of the ignorance and arrogance of racist views has left our country with a devastating paradox. On one hand, we have to admit that many of those who lead this great nation over the past 200 years did so under the distorted perceptions of white supremacy and blind capitalism at the expense of a people who still bear the scars on their backs, ankles and necks from the middle passage, chattel slavery and the Jim Crowe era. On the other hand, without the help, support and cooperation of whites, blacks are left paralyzed by the trauma of the past without the sufficient resources, both human and financial to effectively bring about the change that is needed. A segregated approach, albeit, appealing to many, will only deepen the divide–instigating lifelong wounds and stereotypical misconceptions.

Indeed, it is time to rise above the noise and carve a new path. We must face the tears, and the root thereof–face-to-face, side-by-side. After all, it is where we have been that will show us where we must not go again. It is what we experienced that gives way to a new wisdom to change the things we can, accept the things that we can't, and develop a keen eye for the difference between the two.

We are in need of healing in the worst way. But unfortunately, You, can't heal what you can't feel. So it's not time to build walls but instead, tear them down. It's not vengeance that we need but redemption instead. It's time for empathy to open out ears and and close our mouths, as we allow the cleansing tears shed for the loss of life and opportunity to flow. It's time for the ideals that we preach about to become our way of life.

Therefore, let these be the principles that govern our forward march together–ideals of a humbled nation–that initiate the dawn of a new day. Let HEALING flow like a raging river of medicinal balm. Let FREEDOM ring shattering the sound of the shackled mind. Let COLLABORATION and JUBILEE give way to a new PARTNERSHIP birthing demonstrations of UNITY and BROTHERHOOD. Let the REDEMPTION of a nation born again, reestablish the value of LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL. Let FORGIVENESS begin with the man or woman in the mirror surrendering to heartfelt REPENTANCE. Only then, can we be reconciled, not to the forefathers of this country, but to the God who birthed those ideals through those defective human souls? Then RECONCILIATION can exist in the truth of who we are today–Not ALL good, Not ALL bad, but long overdue from not just saying that we are sorry, but admitting that we were wrong and then going a step further and making that wrong right.

So, then, let us sing together, that song of Freedom, with lyrics built on the whole truth. Let that truth be our difference-maker, the reality of our shared experience, why such atrocities still occur, and what we are going to do about it today. Let us look one another square in the eye, fully seeing–who we really are–with our faults and assets. Then, let us raise our brows to the God who brought us together and embark upon the path to root out the tentacles of racism, and the demonic view of ordained division from the core of our nation. Together, let's lift every voice in a song of thanksgiving and victory. For victory is at hand because we shall be silent NO MORE!

We kindly ask you to sign the prepared template email of Expanding Minds and People Organized and Working to End Racism (EM | Power) to send a quick note to your local government officials. The petition demands the condemnation of all acts of racism and the prosecution of those determined to be involved in criminal acts or hate crimes directly associated with racism. We also demand transparency and community oversight of financial disbursements to disadvantaged communities stifled from the impacts or racist policies and their subsequent implementation. Furthermore, we ask that you accept the challenge to speak up when confronted with racism and it's divisive actions or unfair practices in your concentric circle. We also invite you to donate to support our volunteer and fundraising efforts to eradicate racist thinking and behaviors from our society. We strongly believe that together we can create the change we need.

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