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A Higher Calling

The Higher Calling sign designs depict various things that a person can do individually to make a difference. It asks people to come up to a higher place of personal responsibility regarding putting and end to racism. In many cases people have stated that they are not sure what specifically they need to do. The sign suggests that one could make a difference by confronting systematic racism and oppression through, 1. Valuing diversity, 2. Actively listening, 3. Opposing racism (speaking up and speaking out when), Standing together, and Demanding equal treatment for all especially for those who have been maligned through the lens of institutional racism.

EM | Power (Expanding Minds and People Organized and Working to End Racism) are working to create awareness, and raise money to support existing organizations who are committed to the eradication of racism within the 7 areas of institutional influence, Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts, and Business. Below are three simple things that we suggest that you can do to join this effort.

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