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A Higher Calling

Our Higher Calling signs depict various actions that a person can do individually to make a difference. It encourages people to rise to a higher level of personal responsibility to cut off the tentacles of racism that have long been embedded in our society’s fiber. People are often unsure what they can do to help. Our signs create awareness, stimulate conversations, and provide suggestions for actions that can make a difference.

Our messages challenge people to confront systematic racism and oppression through several actionable behaviors. We suggest that people value diversity, actively listen, oppose racism, (speaking up and speaking out when confronted), unify (stand together with empathetic support), and demand equal treatment for all, especially those who have been impacted by the effects of institutional racism.

TAKE ACTION:  First we challenge you to do your part to bring about lasting change. There is no justification for racism. People are dying in the streets. Enough is enough. Many people have expressed a desire to help but aren’t sure what they can do personally. We recommend that you begin where you are. Every day, we confront situations that call for us to stand up and speak out against racism in all forms. Take advantage of these opportunities to do your part. Also we are in need of volunteers to assist with voter registration, yard sign deliveries and more. 

EDUCATE:  Secondly, we suggest that you take the time to educate yourself on institutional racism and the impact that it has had on Black people in America. Many people are unaware of the day-to-day impact of institutional racism and oppression because they are not directly exposed to it. “If one of us is chained, then none of us are free.” 

DONATE:  Last but not least, we ask that you purchase one or more of our yard signs to show your support and initiate the necessary conversations to bring about change. A portion of the proceeds goes to local organizations that work for the betterment of Black people on all fronts. 

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