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Let The Truth Be Told

30 Areas of Impact

The Old African Proverb “When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion” suggests a more significant impact as a group than as an individual. In the past, African Americans were victimized by strategic separation practices implemented by white slave owners to prevent such a web from forming. Unfortunately, many people still share those same supremacist ideals today. This type of isolation-indoctrination undergirded by unfounded inferiority beliefs weakened the synergy, commitment, and resolve of Black people to arise and present themselves as a nation of kings, queens, and unstoppable warriors.  Yet, here they are today, still rising, still creating, and demonstrating to the world that their efforts deserve to be acknowledged and, indeed, celebrated. And, with each applause, the web grows stronger.
 Subsequently, we have chosen to focus on 30 different areas that African Americans have significantly impacted. This showcase of accomplishments in no way reflects an exhaustive list. Nonetheless, when we consider their contributions from a group perspective, their impact on this nation is undeniably significant to say the least.

Campaign Overview

“Let The Truth Be Told.”  Despite the stolen identity and subsequent oppression facilitated to enforce chattel slavery in America, enslaved Africans arose to fight for their right to be who God created them to be–free people with much to contribute to whatever culture or nation they become a part of. To say their ability to overcome this vicious cruelty imposed upon them for personal and financial gain is miraculous is an understatement. It speaks to the intestinal fortitude at the core of their being; The intellectual genius, vision, wit, and supernatural moral and physical determination that says no matter what, we will not give up, is the Black experience in America. 


“Let The Truth Be Told.”  Black people in America worked with the least amount of tools and resources, developed extraordinary innovations, ideas and processes while working under the most harmful conditions. Not only were they resourceful, in many cases, but they also exercised temperance that had to be from God Himself. They raised both Black and White plantation children, taught values and etiquette that many assumed beyond their nature–a gross mischaracterization of the people who stood in front of them.

Sign our petition to extend Black History Month THREE MORE DAYS,

Then join us as we fight to initiate Black History: 31 Days of Celebration

An Estimated 12.4 million souls disembarked on the shores of the New World. No fewer than 1.8 million of them died during the journey;

“Let The Truth Be Told” During the middle passage (The transatlantic voyage that brought Africans to America as slaves), many Africans, with the foresight to see what was to come, escaped and jumped overboard from the ships that they were traveling on, choosing death over a life of shackles and chains. Some even overthrew the ship’s crews turned the vessels around and sailed back to where their journey began. Throughout the 400 plus years of the transatlantic African slave trade, millions of Africans lost their lives–totals likened to the Jewish Holocaust. We are in no way stating this to diminish what occurred to Jewish people at the hand of Nazi supremacists. But, “Let the Truth Be Told” what happened to the African people who were captured, beaten, and stuffed into the floating concentration camps bound for American plantations should also be considered a Holocaust of equal proportion.

“Let the Truth Be Told.”  We are not presenting new information. However, when you read about the individuals we will showcase this month as contributors to the 30 Areas of impact, please stop and consider what they went through to make their contributions. Let all that they went through be a lens through which you develop your appreciation. After chattel slavery came the Jim Crowe era and the fight to end segregation. Many had rightfully argued that Black communities went downhill when Blacks, enamored with the novelty of patronizing White businesses, spent their earnings outside of their communities. Again, absent from the equation was the overarching desire of people running the nation to implement strategies to help all groups succeed. “Yet Still We Rise” is a mantra born out of the overwhelming ingrained oppressive policies that Black people have endured and still endure day-in and day-out. It says pay attention–not to me individually–but to the spirit of a people more determined than ever to make their mark on history by merely being who they are.

“Let the Truth Be Told.” Another mantra that emerged in the 60’s states, “Say it loud, I’m Black, and I’m proud.” Throughout history, Black people have been shedding the indoctrinated inferiority complex and demonstrating their self-acceptance. Now there was a new battle cry–Black Power. Every other culture within this great melting pot has had the freedom to practice and celebrate its culture. Now it was time for African Americans to do the same. Of course, there was resistance.

Nevertheless, “Let the Truth Be Told. ” Many white Americans joined Dr. Martin Luther King as he and others fed up with the mistreatment of Black people in America marched through the streets to do away with second class citizenship for Blacks and level the playing field. Just as all Black people are not the particular negative characterizations that people have articulated over the years, all White people are not a White supremacist. We must resist the urge to see our success solely in our hands. For the needle to continue moving in the right direction, all people must work together regardless of color or creed.

So, “Say it Loud, we are Black, and we are proud,” “Say it Loud, we are Americans, and we are proud.” You can not separate one from the other. The kente cloth of African heritage has been interwoven into the stars and stripes forever, and nothing can change that. “Say it Loud we are Black Americans, and we are proud.” Therefore, we celebrate our Black family members, friends, coworkers, ancestors, freedom fighters, and activists who have worked diligently, many of whom knew they would not see the results in their lifetime. We are proud of the spirit of our Black ancestors who helped build this amazing country. We are proud of their ability to forgive but not forget. We are also proud of their vision, creativity, and their dedication to their personal development.



31 Days of Celebration

As a result of the prolific efforts of Black people, we have chosen to extend our celebration period this year from February 28, through March 3, 2021. We encourage you to partner with us and take THREE MORE DAYS to celebrate Black Americans everywhere. There are Black Americans everywhere we turn, overcoming insurmountable odds making a difference. Perhaps you will honor an individual that has not made it into America’s history books or, we celebrate the local pastor who has mobilized his community to transform the lives of its youth. Maybe, there are other vital Black people like teachers or business owners who you have seen personally move the needle. Or, perhaps you take the three days to launch a special celebration to culminate the entire month. Whichever direction to decide to move in, we ask that you focus on the good, the genius, and the impact of those you choose to celebrate and keep us posted of your efforts.

“Let the Truth Be Told” there is no America without Black Americans. Over the years, their contributions have changed America for good and advanced her role as a world leader. Let us again step forth to lead the way, overcoming the acknowledged wrongdoing of our past to recognize and celebrate Black Americans and their role in America’s development. So join us over the next 31 days as we choose to extend the celebration of Black History Month THREE MORE DAYS…

Sign our petition to extend Black History Month THREE MORE DAYS,

Then join us as we fight to initiate Black History: 31 Days of Celebration



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