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Working for Change Through Volunteerism

Today’s landscape has become extremely volatile. Our country has found it difficult to live up to the words of the pledge–indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Instead division has reared its head in a bold way that we have not seen in years. More than ever before, we need a unified process that functions through a diversified group conscious. We need solutions that are truly of the people for people–not just a few.

The organization of people for a common cause is the backbone of America. Efforts such as union development, protests, boycotts, and voting, don’t have the significant intended impact without people dedicated to the underlying cause working through the spirit of volunteerism.

Let’s make a difference together!

It is our desire to organize inclusive-minded individuals for the purpose of developing and implementing strategies designed at healing our nation and ridding it of racist indonctrinations that foster hatred and division. Volunteering is a powerful mechanism that can provide both, an outlet for dialogue and a platform for action. It has a magnetism that draws individuals and organizations together for an established common cause like no other tool. Just think, Our current entire military force is based upon the spirit of volunteering. Of course soldiers receive pay, deservedly so, nonetheless, they sign up based upon their passion to serve.

Volunteering is a powerful mechanism that can provide both, an outlet for dialogue and a platform for action.

philip greene

Currently, EM | Power has opportunities associated with our mission for individuals to partner with us as a volunteer. We are working with local organizations to ensure that people of color have an uninhibited path to voting in the fall including voting partnering with BPEP to help with voter registration and process education efforts. We are gathering resources to help educated and stimulate critical thinking designed at ending racial injustice and systematic oppression. Additionally, we are in need of individuals to help with the distribution of our yard signs and other products to come that allow people to make a public stand while raising money to support organizations fighting for racial justice.

Below are a list of potential volunteer opportunities that are immediately available for participation. More opportunities to come.

  • Become involved with our efforts to enhance and support voter registration for the upcoming election in the fall.
  • Become a part of our team aimed at gathering and disseminating resources that educate people of the ill effects of racism and the truth about our past.
  • Stimulate change by confronting racism and oppression through courageous conversations wherever needed. Create forums for discussion and active listening
  • Assist with the distribution of yard signs and other messaging materials that help individuals and organizations make a public stand.
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