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End Racism: Confront Social Injustice


We are a collaborative grassroots organization that challenges social injustice through community organizing fundraising and the stimulation of critical thinking aimed at ending systematic racism and oppression. It is our ultimate desire to initiate and cultivate healing and reconciliation.

Over the last 30 years, statics have revealed a clear divide between 10-50 percentile of wage earners and those who fall within the 50-90 percentile. For example, corporate executives make 185 times more than the factory worker today, compared to only 24 times more in 1965. To further complicate this problem, 50% of Blacks fell at or below the 50 percentile (31,000 a year) income bracket, opposed to 34% of their White non-Hispanic counterparts.  In other words, the disparity of income between Black Americans and White non-Hispanics is continuing to widen–further strengthening the oppressive stronghold.

Not surprisingly, These trends repeat themselves at alarming rates in every sphere of development and care, such as; education, healthcare, home-ownership, retirement income, insurance, etc. Lack of sufficient resources plays a significant role in the ability for individuals and families to effectively compete for and attain the types of jobs that would allow them to move beyond the 50 percentile ceiling–not to mention the rising costs of secondary education.

It is time to rise above the noise and rhetoric of those who have the power to act but have not. It’s time to carve a new path for our country. Our nation is hurting and in need of healing on so many levels. We will no longer stand idly by while countless acts of injustice are knowingly, or unknowingly perpetrated on people of color. We must work while we heal. 

We are determined more now than ever to confront social injustice through the organization of like-minded individuals to serve and raise funds for organizations that have dedicated their mission to this cause. Additionally, we will make every effort to inform and educate those who are still blind to the ways that racism has infused our everyday life experience. We desire to expose and rid ourselves of years of racist indoctrination. We know that we did not get here overnight, and we recognize that it will take time and effort to bring about lasting change. Nevertheless, we rise to the challenge. We ask that you join us as we have much work to do a

Help Put an End to Racism and Systematic Oppression!

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End date: Aug 10, 2021

Signatures collected: 3

Signature goal: 500

3 signatures

Signature goal: 500

Latest Signatures

Below is a list of individuals who have determined that they will no longer be silent–enough is enough. Join this effort to be silent no more and let your voice be heard when it matters the most.

3 Ms Alyssa G. Wexford United States Oct 21, 2020
2 Mr Dre J. Pittsburgh ?? Aug 24, 2020
1 Mr Melvin C. West Palm Beach United States Jul 14, 2020
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