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Together we can make a difference


We challenge you to volunteer your service to bring about lasting change. Many people have expressed a desire to help but aren’t sure what they can do personally. First, we recommend that you begin where you are–Volunteer Today! 

There is no justification for racism. People are dying in the streets. Enough is enough—no more silence. Every day, we confront situations that call for us to stand up and speak out against racism in all forms. 

When we practice principles such as valuing cultural differences, active listening and speaking out against social injustice in our day-to-day encounters, we can foster solution-based conversations and critical thinking that bring about change. 

Additionally, we can come together and use our human resource to bridge the gap in service to people of color directly impacted by racism. Whether we help to proliferate voting materials, distribute yard signs to show our support, or help steer donated financial resource to organizations fighting against racial injustice, when we work together, we can make a difference.

Stay tuned to this space as we work to assemble resources for specific actions you can take to make a difference regarding racism in our community.

Help Put an End to Racism and Systematic Oppression!

This petition is now closed.

End date: Aug 10, 2021

Signatures collected: 3

Signature goal: 500

3 signatures

Signature goal: 500

Latest Signatures

Below is a list of individuals who have determined that they will no longer be silent–enough is enough. Join this effort to be silent no more and let your voice be heard when it matters the most.

3 Ms Alyssa G. Wexford United States Oct 21, 2020
2 Mr Dre J. Pittsburgh ?? Aug 24, 2020
1 Mr Melvin C. West Palm Beach United States Jul 14, 2020
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