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We have come to the end of our Black History Month celebration. It is true; time flies when you’re having fun. We have thoroughly enjoyed weaving the web of celebratory fiber–indicative of the kente cloth that’s superimposed on the hands in our campaign graphic. Although the 31 days have come to an end, we hope that our exploration’s intent has shed light on our call to action. #ThreeMoreDays.

“Shine the Light on Black Genius”

#ThreeMoreDays is not just a ploy to counter people questioning why Black History Month is the shortest month of the year. After all, #LetTheTruthBeTold Carter B. Goodson had an excellent reason for selecting February–Abraham Lincoln’s and Frederick Douglass’s birthdays fall eight days apart during this month. Even if we successfully establish a three-day extension to the celebration of Black History Month, it is still not enough time to make up for what was lost. #ThreeMoreDays is not intended to be an absolute fix; it’s symbolic of our need to do more to bring awareness to what we call Black Genius–amazing displays of courage, talent, creativity, intellectual prowess, and unwavering faith contributed by Black people. 

For every story we celebrated this past month, and those we are aware of but didn’t include, there are thousands of other stories that have not been told or recorded. For hundreds of years, there have been numerous subversive efforts to keep inspiring stories of African Americans or Black people throughout the diaspora from coming to light. These efforts have severely marginalized Black people. We can do a dissertation on why these statements are factual. But instead, We challenge the great people of this nation to #LetTheTruthBeTold. This intentional subversion has left a disparaging void that doesn’t go away through a few days of celebration.

#ThreeMoreDays is a simple request to make it right. Extend the celebration. #ThreeMoreDays is reflective of our need as a culture to openly celebrate Black Genius every day. The impact of leaving African Americans’ critical historical achievements out of the history books on Black children negatively affects their ability to see themselves achieving incredible feats in all life areas. The resulting damage is a price too high for any of us, White or Black, to pay. Therefore, We can no longer stand idly by and allow Black Genius to be pushed under a rug. Our Black children are starving for hope, and we must do all that we can to make these stories and beacons of light to be known.

It is not our desire in any way to diminish other ethnic groups’ prior or ongoing displays of gifts, talents, and intellectual contributions. We recognize that Black Genius is not exclusive. But #LetTheTruthBeTold, how many subversive efforts has there been to keep prominent stories about white success in the dark. Nevertheless, in the words of the great political activist Jesse Jackson, “KEEP HOPE ALIVE.” 

So in the full embodiment of our campaign, we thank you for your ongoing support and ask that you sign our petition to extend Black History Month by #ThreeMoreDays. We must tell the truth about Black people’s contributions–Black Genius–to the world when and wherever it happens. #LetTheTruthBeTold.

Sign our petition to extend Black History Month THREE MORE DAYS,

Then join us as we fight to initiate Black History: 31 Days of Celebration
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#ThreeMoreDays is not an absolute; it’s a symbolic effort to do more to heighten the awareness of Black Genius–amazing displays of courage, talent, creativity, intellectual prowess, and unwavering faith contributed by Black people.


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