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As a co-founder of EM | Power, I want to thank all of our voter registration canvassers who worked countless hours going Door-2-Door throughout some of the underserved neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, ensuring residents were registered to vote. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers dawned masks and followed 6-ft distancing protocols while knocking on over 3,000 doors to ensure that potential voters that needed assistance with registration, received it. They also made sure that they were aware of the location of their local polling place.

13 Canvas Outings, 191 Volunteer Shifts, 3,478 doors knocked, 1,496 conversations with potential voters.


In total, 191 shifts of volunteers knocked on 3,478 doors, and engaged in 1,496 conversations. This was an unprecedented effort. Although other organizations staged voter registration events and rallies, very few took to the streets knocking on doors armed with clipboards, cell phones, and hand sanitizer. We were able to assist individuals who unknowingly received incorrect ballots by mistake. Volunteers checked the website that housed the list of names of those who received wrong ballots. When the volunteers found a person’s name on the list, they provided them with the next steps to address the error.

The volunteers also reported that the people they encountered were extremely appreciative that someone was taking time out of their day to stop by their home and make sure they had what was needed to participate in the voting process. Many of the people encountered were not even sure where their local polling place was located. Not only were the volunteers able to inform them of where the polling place was; in some instances, they also provided resources to obtain rides or help to get there.

All in all, volunteers went above and beyond to provide the necessary support to ensure that people could let their Voice be their Vote.

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